30 Pas entre Terre et Ciel

30 Pas entre Terre et Ciel (30 steps between earth and sky) is (mostly) a game design exercise on the game of hopscotch, or marelle in french. An art piece in a museum on one side, a street-art, street-long, playable installation of a piece on the other, 30 Pas was made with our very good friend Heather Kelley during the summer of 2012.

The inside museum piece, commissionned by the Gaite Lyrique in Paris is a two-player coopetitive hopscotch mod that has players interacting, complimenting, competing or cooperating, while holding hands or avoiding one another, hoping along, off balance but in rythm.

The intent of the game was to question the use of space and its conventions. The addition of an evident ruleset was enough to make a boring corridor into a laughter box. Nothing was there to force you into the game but a few squares on the floor were enough to radically alter the acoustic,  and dynamic qualities of the space.

And here is a trailer for the game, shot by Emeric Adrian

The outside installation was also shot. The talented Kenza Boda was behind the camera

If you have questions about this game or would like us to show a little bit of what happened behind the scene, please drop us a line in the forums!