The making of Poiesis 2/2

originally posted on may the 12th 2012 on Ludum Dare’s website, this article is the second part of the making of Poiesis. You can find the first part here.

Hey Ludumers,

A few hours away from the end of the voting, we thought we’d post here some of the assets of our game to give us a little excuse to thank you all for your feedbacks and kind words and your help debugging our thing.

Our game Poiesis, is far from the most polished, but it was a great experience and we’ve been in contact with a lot of incredible people!

If you’d like to try our attempt at world domination, just know that it’s an unfinished little piece and way too complex in it’s current state, we’re working on it to make the learning curve more bareable.

Do read the little tutorial in the description before jumping in, it might help you, and know that the aim is to try to please your clients without knowing their intents clearly. We hope you enjoy it, and if you hate it or if it doesn’t run, leave us a comment or tweetize us using our tweeterization tool.

That’s it for now and I guess we’ll see a lot of you next time!


img034-550x580 img035-550x581 img036-550x501