About Us

Them Games is a French game development studio. It exists because we had things to share, things we wanted to do together and we wanted a name and a place to make them. You will find some of those things on this very website: games, hacks, apps, little applications, drawings, small things that are more than the sum of their parts.

Our general philosophy is to put as much care and love in the objects we produce as we can, while still being able to show them at some point. This means that far from flawless, these games, these apps are meaningful to us in a way that we hope they will be to other people. If through games, through this incomplete yet beautiful medium we can convey enough for you to care or have an aesthetic experience, we will have achieved our goal in the creation of Them Games and you should head to our forum, whether it be to tease us about how bad we did or tell us how you felt.

Oscar Barda does the game designing of stuff around here and draws things.