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inSynch is out

Our game, inSynch, our first commercial release is finally out. inSynch started as a group of 3 guys who wanted to make some things together and then did on a fun occasion. When that was done, we said “let’s make a video game company” and on the 11th of October 2011 we did.


Now, 927 days, a PhD for Charles, moving in together, working hard and a lot more later we are proud to present inSynch to you who are reading these words.

We hope you find this humble assemblage of code, music and photographs to your liking, you can find more information and a purchase link on the game’s dedicated page:


If you are so inclined, you will find in the coming days some links to thoughts and reviews that the press might have published about our game on this very page.

Why games

In 2009, speaking at the french ministry of culture Oscar our game designer expressed why games are important to us:
Oscar Barda our Game Designer

Enjoy the first serious thing to come out of Oscar’s mouth in… ever.

“What I say through games, I couldn’t otherwise. I’ve written novels and directed shorts, I’ve acted and written for plays; danced, drawn and painted, but of all these tools, for all their beauty and power, I wouldn’t know what to make.
It had to be a game, to let people do what they will in order to hear what I couldn’t say. Acting to understand, making sense of new worlds themselves, as a child would.

Certain ideas or feelings are like quantum phenomena, they exist in impossible superpositions of meanings but when told, become certainties and disappear. I wanted to tell stories using endless streams of question marks, never pointing my finger at the meaning for fear of it flying away.

There are things so fragile, so delicate that pointing them out crushes them. Games and video games have this particular subtlety that can bring participants to move, at their own pace and in their own words and mindset, towards the intellectual space a designer would want them to inhabit, as if showing an art exhibit in your own house.

Video games are humble in their patience for the player to act upon them, they do not wake nor move without the players’ intent and only make sense to them through their own means.”