A non-exhaustive list of Game-Jam-made games

Game Jam Preserve

By Lisa Schaeffer

Here it comes, a new article from Them Games!
So we went looking over the internet but could not, for the life of us, find a list of video games made during game jams – a sort of compendium of success stories if you will!
Of course, this list is far from complete, and will be updated as jams and time pass.
Drop us some names in the comments or by email, we’ll be pleased to add them!

So here it is, in all its glory:


Classroom Aquatic Oculus VR Jam 2013 Steam, Oculus Rift
0rbitalis LD28 You Only Get One Steam
Evoland LD24 Evolution Steam, GOG
Surgeon Simulator Global Game Jam 2013 iOS, Android, PS4, Steam
/ Escape \ LD21 Escape iOS, Android
Sputnik Panik Flappy Jam 2014 Android, iOS, Ouya
SUPERHOT 7DFPS Jam 2013 In dev
Gods Will be Watching LD26 Minimalism Steam, Humble
Deadcore (Deadlock) 7DFPS 2012 Steam, Desura
Inside my Radio LD23 Tiny World Steam
Costume Quest Amnesia Fortnight Double Fine iOS, XBLA, PS3, Steam
Stacking Amnesia Fortnight Double Fine PS3, Steam, 360
Goat Simulator Coffee Stain Studios jam 2014 Steam, iOS, Android, Xbox One/360
1 shot 1 kill LD28 You Only Get One In dev
TRI : Of Frienship & Madness LD20 It’s Dangerous, Take This! Steam, GOG, itch.io, Humble
QbQbQb LD26 Minimalism Steam, Humble, iOS, Android
The Sun and Moon LD29 Beneath the Surface Steam
Titan Souls LD28 You Only Get One Steam, PS4/PSVita, GOG
Broforce LD23 Tiny World Steam, Humble
Retro Game Crunch LD24 Evolution Steam, Humble
KRUNCH MiniLD21 Greatest Fear Steam, Humble
Dynamite Jack LD6 Light&Darkness SteamiOS
Galcon Fusion LD8 Swarms Steam, iOS, Android
Galcon Legends LD8 Swarms Steam, Android
Galcon 2 LD8 Swarms Steam, iOS
McPixel LD21 Escape Steam, Humble, Android, iOS, itch.io
Mini Metro LD26 Minimalism Steam, Humble
Color Zen LargeAnimalsGames Pjct Days 3DS/Wii U, iOS 
Tiny Hawk LD11 Minimalist PSN
Fishslap MiniLD24 Pick’n’Mix Android
Super t i m e Force Toronto, Ontario Game Jam 2011 XBLA, XBox One, PS4/Vita, Steam, Humble
Connected Words LD30 Connected Worlds iOS, Amazon
Soccertron LD28 You Only Get One Steam
Dodge LD26 Minimalism Steam
Vaults inc LD29 Beneath the Surface Still in dev (PC, Mac, Android, iOS)
Singular LD28 You Only Get One itch.io, iOS, Android
In vivo LD27 10 Seconds Humble, itch.io
Bad Hotel LD20 It’s Dangerous to go Alone! Take this! Steam, iOS, Android
Vox LD23 Tiny World Steam, Desura
Quiet, please! LD22 Alone PSMobile, Android, iOS, Amazon
Expand Adelaide GamesDevClub Jam ‘10 In dev
Even The Stars Space Cowboy Game Jam itch.io
Mew-genics LD24 Evolution  After HL3
Offspring Fling 2011 Game Jeam ‘Motherhood’ Steam, Desura
Darknet (Ciess) Oculus/Indiecade VR Jam Oculus + ?
The Binding of Isaac ‘Weeklong game jam’ Steam, PSVita/PS4
Pew*9 Global Game Jam 2011 XBLIG
Hex Heroes School Jam 2013 In dev
The Last Night Cyberpunk Jam 2014 In dev
Super Hexagon (Hexagon) One day Jam Game Steam
Hot Tin Roof One Game a Month Steam, GOG, Humble
In Tune BoobJam In dev
Hexagarden LD24 Evolution In dev
Hoplite 7DRL iOS, Android, Amazon
Wojna Taniec Hits Playtime 2014 In dev
Kawiteros Internal 1-day Jam 2014 In dev
Spacebase DF-9 Amnesia Fortnight Steam, Humble
Hack’n’Slash Amnesia Fortnight Steam
TowerFall: Ascension 48H Game Jam (?) Steam, PS4, Ouya
I Am Bread Bossa Studios Internal Jam Steam
The Lamp & The Vamp Procedural Death Jam iOS, Android
Sublevel Zero LD29 Beneath the Surface Steam
Dark Echo LD26 Minimalism Steam, iOS, Android
Eufloria (Dyson) 2008 TIGSource Procedural Generation SteamiOS, Android, PSN
VA-11 HALL-A 2014 Cyberpunk Jam In dev
Please, Don’t Touch Anything LD31 Entire Game on One Screen Steam
Catlateral Damage 7DFPS 2013 Steam, OUYA
TIMEframe LD27 10 Seconds Steam
Porcunipine LD28 You Only Get One Steam, Humble, itch.io
Shutshimi LD27 10 Seconds Steam
Party Hard indievspewdiepie jam 2014 Steam
Basement LD29 Beneath The Surface Steam (Early Access)
Stikbold! Nordic Game Jam 2013 Steam Greenlight (Early Access)