Poiesis is the game we created for Ludum Dare 23, a game jam in which we were supposed to create a videogame in less than 72 hours in april of 2012.

You can find the original page of the game when it was published on Ludum Dare’s website and it’s Making-of in two parts here and here. The game was very well rated (2nd in innovation, 3rd in theme and 14th in graphics out of the 1404 entries) and we received lots of positive feedback on it.


The theme of the jam was “Tiny World” and we wanted to make a game in which you felt the scale: things are small and hard to manipulate… Now while we are thrilled that our first game got us so
much attention, we also were not really happy with it as a game. In truth, Poiesis in it’s actual form is more of a toy than a game and since we rushed its development, it’s hard for us to dive back and change it altogether without going back full time on it.

So we provide you here with a build of Poiesis, free for you to try and play around with and if you have any good idea on how to make Poiesis the superb game it deserves to be, please let us know in our forums!

Poiesis is, as of may 2013, in dormant development.