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Yore: Slumbertime Fables is a platformer video game telling the story of Valériane, an old woman who lives alone in a big and dusty house, filled to the attic with stories and memories. At night, she tells the neighbor’s kids a story to put them to sleep. A story that she and you will concoct from bits and pieces of classic tales, poems, and souvenirs of her own life.

And as you tell these stories and make the children happy, you regain hope. Enough, at first, to climb the stairs, open the curtains… Enough then to face the sun, revisit your house, your garden, your books and family albums where you will find more elements and ingredients for more stories, yet to be told.


  • Valériane is more than a just a playable character, her house is full of the life she had and of the stories she knows. It's in your hands to rediscover her past.
  • Play characters in a house and levels entirely painted with watercolors.
  • A completely original soundtrack by EK (qnp) from Bredrin Records, also composer of inSynch.
  • Childhood tales and unkwown ones, with a twist.


First Look at Yore YouTube


At Them Games we take great care of our narrative tools. Our craft has always been to adhere to a strict and fresh art direction with every game we endeavour to make. For our previous project, inSynch, it was stop motion: crafting every single piece of the game out of paper, concrete, wood, plaster and resin and then taking thousands of photos to make the game come to life.

Yore is a game about the rememberance of old stories, childhood memories, and to us, the texture, nooks and knots of watercolor paper is the perfect medium to support our story. The game, our game, will be entirely handpainted by the most talented Oscar Barda, the music played from real instruments, and the stories from so many real life memories and immemorial tales.


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There are far more images available for Yore: Slumbertime Fables, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!


Original Soundtrack
Created by EK from .

Announcement Blog Post
The blog post through which this game was shown to the game is available at themgames.net.

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Yore: Slumbertime Fables Credits

Oscar Barda
Final Boss, Them Games

Simon Albou
Programmer Extraordinaire

Lisa Schaeffer

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